HARDKOP-Castings, Steel structures, Parts and machinery servicen

We are a dynamically operating and developing engineering enterprise. Our business is structured across four focus areas of production: founding, mechanical processing, making steel structures and services. 

Hardkop enterprise


Precision castings, steel castings, iron castings, castings of copper and aluminum

We specialize in making steel castings and iron castings with fully heat treatment.
We possess perfectly equipped foundry with modern line to flaskless moulding in masses of self-hardening. We make complex shape castings weighing up to 700 kilograms.
We also make precision castings, made in lost wax cast method with a mass to 3 kilograms.
We possess own pattern shop where we make wooden and resinous models.
Steel castings, iron castings and castings of copper and aluminium take place in our pattern shop. The products are characterized by their favourable functional parameters.
We offer one-off unit castings, short series and larger series as well.


Mechanical processing

Long experience of our workers connected with modern technology enables us to offer a wide range of mechanical processing.
We have a large stock of machine tools which allow us to provide services in: turning both on traditional lathes and CNC, elements with diameter max of 1600mm x 4000mm, CNC milling (rate X:1050 Y:510 H:620 max 800kg), drilling, boring CNC and chipping. We carry out the repair of parts of machinery in accordance with delivered to us an engineering specification or based on worn element delivered to us.



We specialize in designing, making and assembling of highly converted steelworks in numerous segments of industry and building industry.
We fulfill the steelworks:
- Steel halls, warehouses, overhead protections
- Containers, silos
- Pipelines, dust removal plant and cleaning plant, gas canals, chimneys.
We possess modern production infrastructure equipped with technical machines and devices needed to produce steelworks.
We have our own shotblasting room and painting cabin.
We also provide cutting materials services on band saws up to Ø 500mm as well as services in the range of sheet metal burning up to max thickness 120mm..  

Hardkop - konstrukcje stalowe

Service and repairing work

We render professional repairing work and service of machines and devices in different industrial sectors, i.e. metals producing industry, mining, cement, food industry and rock minerals industry. We manufacture spare parts for machines and mechanical devices. Our offer also includes elements to crushers, excavators and loaders, concrete plants, bituminous mastic production and mines.